Space Planning & Design

Space planning and design are often forgotten about when it comes to setting up a new office. Many office managers will disregard the importance of appearance and instead focus solely on the functionality of the office.

Here at Rapid Office, we recognise that not only is it important for a company’s office space to be efficient and functional, but it’s also important for it to look great and create the right atmosphere.

We have a number of services available that make use of our expert team’s knowledge and skills, as well as our extensive product range that offers style and functionality in one well-thought-out package.


Space Planning

We have an extensive range of products, including built-in cupboards, ergonomic office furniture and floor to ceiling storage cupboards that are ideal for any office that takes space planning and design seriously. Our experts will assess your working space before any work is undertaken. They will take into consideration all of your specific requirements and preferences and discuss with you the options available.

You will be shown all of the product lines available that can make use of the space you have available, and in the case that you have a particularly small office space, you can make use of our Citus furniture procurement service which gives you the chance to have bespoke office furniture made specifically for you.

These services ensure that you can enjoy as much space as possible for desks and other working areas. Your storage will be implemented into nooks of the office space, and even within other pieces of furniture that you implement into the building.

This is why space planning is so important. It maximises the amount of room you have available, and can save you a significant amount of money in that you will not have to purchase a larger building.

We have call centre furniture, mobile shelving and much more that can ensure your space is utilised properly.


Design, Design, Design

We also recognise the importance of design, which is so often ignored by other office furniture London suppliers. We recognise that in order to attract new clients and impress current clients, an office space must reflect the success that the company is achieving.

This is why our range of furniture is one of the most extensive on the market, and allows you plenty of options for personalisation. Our team can also install the furniture in a way that makes use of the space you have.

We can even refurbish existing furniture, which saves you money and keeps your office looking modern and fresh. Our team of staff are friendly and helpful, and before performing any work will be more than happy to meet with you and provide a professional eye for a new design.

We even have an exhaustive list of partners who can provide further design, whether it’s in the form of general decoration, or through glass and solid partitions that can separate the office without building brand new walls. We can also arrange for suspended ceilings or brand new office floors, whether it’s a solid floor or carpet.


Efficient Communication

We can be easily contacted if you would like to discuss the planning of a new or current office. Our team are available via telephone or email, and will be happy to meet with you and discuss the options that are available to you.

Whatever you need, Rapid Office can provide you with it.