Senator Furniture

Senator Furniture

About The Senator Group

Senator group furniture is a UK based company that began in 1976. Their main headquarters currently resides in Lancashire, making them very central to lots of other important connections within the UK. The company started simply as a chair manufacturer before developing other products. Eventually, after many years, the company grew larger and more popular, taking on two other sister companies, Allermuir and Torasen. The expansions of the company lead to Senator greatly increasing the number of employees and opening up facilities in the US, Holland, Dubai, and Germany. Senator now has over 1000 employees across all of their facilities and achieved a turnover of £95 million in 2008.

Senator Office Furniture Products

Whilst Senator furniture started life with only the manufacture of chairs, they have come a long way and expanded to now produce a large range of office furniture. From filing cabinets and cupboards to desks and tables, they offer a vast range of different products to suit their many clients. Senator office furniture now offers its customers a new and integrated service alongside its products. This includes the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD), interior design and space management that helps Senator group furniture provide everything a modern business needs.

These combined techniques allow their clients to be assured that they are using the most current technology with their enquiries, as well as consideration towards the efficiency of their office as a whole. This extra effort that Senator applies for its clients makes them a valuable company to work with. UK Senator furniture has some of the most sought-after products that are recognised globally.

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Senator Furniture UK

Senator, the company’s namesake, is the most successful of the three brands it is now known for. It is the leading manufacturer of office furniture in the UK and continues to innovate and deliver for clients. Senator office furniture offers the highest quality designs and styles you’ll find today, which are perfect for office environments and creating a workspace that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. This flexibility is a highly sought-after trait much admired by clients, and as suppliers of premium office furniture in London and Essex at Rapid Office, we are pleased to be able to provide Senator furniture in the UK. The brand supplies a huge range of office chairs and desks and aims to work closely with its customers whenever possible, helping them find their perfect furniture. If you are wanting to fully furnish your office or concentrate on one particular aspect such as ergonomic chairs and tables, Senator Group office furniture is a wise choice.


Allermuir is one of the more design lead brands that Senator has acquired and has a wide range of office products that are designed for multi-use, each with its own unique properties and hybrid design. The Allermuir products are ideal not only for those who wish to buy furniture for leisure but also for offices and corporate environments too. Their main products include various types of office seating, such as multi-purpose chairs and stools, as well as their range of breakout area furniture and dining area tables. Allermuir is constantly updating to keep standards high whilst still matching the ever-changing world of interior design. If you are wanting something more extraordinary for your office space, Allermuir is worth considering when choosing Senator furniture.

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Torasen aims to provide simplicity with smart designs for your workspace. As a brand from Senator Group office furniture, Torasen products are more cost-effective and can be ideal for those on a tighter budget. They aim to provide quality but with consideration given to the cost of materials and manufacturing, making the final product as cheap as possible for the client. Torasen strives for fast delivery and customer satisfaction at all times. As their designs are so cost-effective, they want to ensure they meet all other standards that the customer requires. With solutions including multi-purpose seating, desking, storage, and soft seating ideal for communal areas, Torasen are another assured choice from Senator.

Enquire Today About Senator Office Furniture

Senator is a fantastic furniture company that we are proud to partner with at Rapid Office. Their commitment to providing the best possible office furniture solutions, whilst being creative and innovative with new designs, is just what we look for in our manufacturers. They truly centre around what the customer wants, which is ideal when we send them a brief. Senator group furniture prices through us are incredibly competitive and guarantee the best value for your money. Their products are also of the highest standard and are guaranteed to last within a busy office environment.

At Rapid Office, we have an excellent relationship with Senator, so contact us today for more information. We provide a professional service, expert knowledge of the office furniture industry, and the latest products from this manufacturer and many others.