Office Meeting Pods

Modern office environments are evolving to attract and retain the most talented employees, with companies creating interesting workplaces combining dynamic environments with funky breakout and functional agile working spaces. Meeting room Pods are one example of an effective way to achieve this objective and provide an innovative solution.

Here at Rapid Office, we are aware that collaboration has become a key part of the modern-day workplace environment, therefore creating spaces where employees can come together to encourage creativity, innovation and performance is of paramount importance that we know too well. We also offer the best office furniture London has to offer.


Meeting Pod Company Workspaces

Meeting Pods have become an increasingly popular option for companies looking for something different, mainly due to the need to create meeting spaces within open-plan offices or other open areas. Office meeting pods create a room by themselves but are classed as furniture as they are not a fixed structure, meaning they can be moved without incurring dilapidation costs and make them relatively mobile if needing to be moved.

Meeting Pods are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials to suit any environment and can accommodate media connectivity and air circulation systems. At Rapid Office, we can ensure if you’re considering meeting room pods as a solution, that we help to source designs and styles that fit your brand exactly.


Innovative Meeting Room Pods

With so many different styles of meeting room pods available, you may find it difficult deciding on one style. Open plan, larger-scale meeting room pods, such as the Allermuir cell meeting pod or Era QS meeting pod, provide more room to accommodate a group meeting environment. With space for a table and chairs, this style of office meeting pods give the benefits of a separate room but with the privacy and option to be placed anywhere in your office.

For smaller scale office meeting pods, such as those ideal for individual meetings, the Frem Sky meeting pod or Max furniture Hush meeting pod, provide a more intimate room size for one to one meetings with staff or clients. Offering sound privacy, but still designed with glass panels and doors, these offer a transparent and stylish alternative.

The third type of meeting room pods that may provide you with an option is a phone booth style office meeting pods. These are large enough for individual use, available in a variety of colours and can incorporate standing desks.


Meeting Pod Company Solutions with Rapid Office

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