Contemporary Office Reception Furniture UK, Modern Reception Furniture


With most businesses and professional companies, the reception is one of the most important areas in the building, mainly due to its position as the first place to be seen by new and existing clients when visiting your premises. Making a strong first impression is a must, the reception area may be the only part of your business that a client will see, especially as this is usually where you’ll meet and greet them. Therefore, it is essential to create a contemporary office reception furniture UK with stylish seating and desks help to create a welcoming and friendly environment.

It is important to invest in modern reception room furniture solutions to create open, airy and bright spaces. Crowded and dark spaces leave a bad impression on your clients and can affect their mood when they enter. The best way to keep your clients as happy as possible is to make them feel welcome as soon as they enter; that way you are more likely to gain their business and loyalty. At Rapid Office, we are experts in office design, and can help provide the best office furniture Essex has to offer. Modern reception furniture like sofas and seating solutions, as well as bespoke reception furniture solutions catered to your brand and business ethos.


Contemporary Office Reception Furniture UK, Corporate Reception Furniture

If you’re short on space but still want to make a good first impression on your clients, the best approach would be to go as simplistic as possible. Simple, modern reception furniture such as sofas will make an excellent first impression on clients and visitors as they are incredibly comfortable. A black sofa with chrome legs is a great way to give your reception area a classy look that will go with almost any other reception area furniture UK wide.

Another way to guarantee you make visitors feel welcome in your business is by selecting the right chairs for your reception area furniture UK. A low wooden leg armchair design has never gone out of fashion and completes the look by selecting the chairs in your own business colours, pairing your selection with a glass or wooden coffee table to serve as a focal point with office furniture reception area seating.

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Bespoke Reception Furniture, Desks & Seating


When you have visitors, the first thing they will notice is the modern reception room furniture, particularly the desk since it will be their first point of call. Therefore, your desk has got to make a good impression. It’s the centre point of any contemporary office reception furniture and needs to stand out. Bespoke reception furniture is an excellent way to do this, particularly when it comes to reception desks. Choosing a bespoke reception desk allows you to use your imagination and come up with your own concepts.

A circular reception desk is an incredibly stylish option and gives the receptionist a great aspect of the reception area. For multiple receptionists, consider a straight or curved desk as this allows multiple people to be seen simultaneously. Corian reception desks are also a very popular material to consider.

Modern Reception Room Furniture, Sofas & Seating


Once visiting clients have checked in with reception, you can make them feel even further at ease with some relaxing furniture such as a modern reception sofa. Corporate reception furniture such as modular seating is a popular choice as they can be suitable for both large and smaller-scale reception areas.

Collections often consist of comfortable-looking, modern reception sofas with accompanying pod seats that can be re-arranged to suit your space planning. They can also be produced in different colours and fabrics to suit your reception area style. As modular seating collections usually consist of curved or square seats, it is important for you to decide on the type of approach you wish to take towards your area, such as formal or casual.

The Importance of Reception Area Furniture UK


Reception areas will be the first, and last, thing that your visitors see, so it must give off a lasting and positive impression. By opting for innovative and creative reception furniture, you will create an area that stands out in the minds of your visitors. While your reception area should look modern and clean, don’t fall into the trap of making it cold and unwelcoming. We can help with space planning and design.

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