Office Installation

At Rapid Office, we aren’t just dedicated to providing high quality office furniture. We are in fact an all-round, comprehensive service provider, ensuring that all our clients get the products they need and enjoy a seamless transition from removal to office furniture installation.

Throughout our client base, we are highly regarded for providing our high quality, efficient services, including the installation of new furniture into offices. Our in-house office furniture installation team will work closely with all our clients, on any project, to ensure that furniture is installed accurately within an office space. The office furniture installation period is incredibly important, as it can ensure that the office space is utilised correctly. In the instance of using built-in cupboards and installing fixed furniture, the installation is even more important.

Our team are trained and experienced in what they do, and will consult you before they do anything to ensure that everything is done correctly. We aim to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible, and disrupts your day-to-day business as little as possible. We’re happy to work overnight or during the weekend if necessary.

Our installation team are experienced in office relocation services as well, which means that they are able to take the furniture you have in your office already, and re-install it into your new premises as quickly as possible. Our team will also assess the new office space and ensure that your furniture can be implemented safely and efficiently.

You will be notified about any potential issues, and solutions will be offered which come in the form of either our furniture refurbishment service, or recycling services.


Direct Communication

Time and time again our customers inform us on how beneficial our direct communication has been. When installing the best new office furniture Essex has to offer from our extensive range, or if other office furniture that has been obtained using our Citus service, we aim to keep you advised every step of the way.

We can be contacted directly via telephone or email, and our team is always quick to respond. Having worked with clients such as Kings College Hospital in the past, our high quality and efficient service has become apparent to clients across London and indeed the country.


Safe, Functional and Stylish

Your new office seating, office storage, reception desk or other office furniture are only as good as their installation. If you’ve purchased from our extensive product range, or sourced items from our Citus service, you will only be able to benefit from their quality, functionality and style if they are installed properly.

Cupboards and furniture, in particular fixed furniture, must be installed correctly to ensure safety. This includes fixing these pieces of furniture to the ground or the floor. Failure to do this correctly could result in your staff or clients being put at risk.

That’s why our trained team of staff will always assess the building and office space before proving our office furniture installation service. All fixed furniture will be installed according to the surrounding space, and their expertise in office space planning means that you can maximise the use of the office space that you have available.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us via email or telephone. Our helpful staff will be more than happy to talk about the storagewall systems and space planning services as well as other products we have available. This ensures that you get the best looking products, and the most space in your office. We will also happily perform an assessment at a time that suits your schedule, and we’re happy to work at any time of day to avoid disruption.