Breakout Area Furniture

Having a space specifically designed for employees to relax and unwind in is the perfect way to complement their busy workdays. At Rapid Office, we can give your business plenty of innovative options to help aid productivity and at the same time keep employees feeling comfortable. A breakout area within your company has the benefit of being one of the most flexible spaces you can design, with your creativity able to push that much further.

Our bespoke services at Rapid Office can help source the exact furniture you need from the best manufacturers you will find in office furniture Essex. We can assist you with space planning and design as well as a full office fit-out if you need it. Breakout area furniture can come in all forms, such as an office sofa, tables, comfortable chairs for socialising and relaxing, as well as dining tables and seating for meal breaks. Whatever it is you want for your breakout area; Rapid Office can source and provide it.

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Meeting Areas

A relaxed environment for discussion and meetings can be provided that will double as a breakout area for maximum versatility. We can assist you with choosing ergonomic options and solutions to really make a difference to your company’s break room. This then boosts wellbeing and productivity by having a unique space to relax.

Having somewhere employees can have productive business discussions in comfort and be provided with the right mix of seating and tables that can be used for dining is essential. Office sofa booths are an example of a relaxing, comfortable option that can add privacy to meetings too.

Restaurant and Canteen Area

An incredibly important part of any office layout is somewhere employees can eat and drink that takes them away from their desks. We can provide seating for canteen areas or designated dining benches which are easy to maintain. Whether utilising a contemporary wooden or polypropylene design, you’ll find plenty of options that can offer comfort as well as looking great, available in a variety of colours and designs.

We’ll assist you in planning a breakout area that uses innovative product design, whilst offering easy maintenance storage, such as stackable chairs. The aesthetics can’t be underestimated, with a well-designed and attractive breakout area helping to inspire your colleagues and have a calming effect from the stresses of daily work.

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Soft Seating For Breakout Area Furniture

Having seating that employees can relax in is a vital part of a modern breakout area, with office sofas or armchairs providing a soft and comfortable environment. Having the time to relax and unwind is not just about being away from your work, it’s having a space that promotes comfort and relaxation whenever it is needed. No matter the length of time spent in a breakout area, it should be time well-rested. Our selection of manufacturers and designs can create a perfect breakout area and we’ll help with its planning and implementation

Why Create a Breakout Area?

The importance of having a designated breakout area and how it affects your employee’s mood and productivity can’t be ignored. An employee’s health and well-being can be hugely affected by not having somewhere to unwind in an office environment. Returning after a break refreshed and ready to work is the aim when planning an effective breakout area. Here at Rapid Office, we have many years’ experience in helping companies create the perfect space to relax.

Find out how we can assist you with creating a perfect breakout area today by contacting us. You can read through our customer reviews to see how we have helped many companies before with office furniture solutions, and also please check out our office and interior projects for inspiration.

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