Furniture Refurbishment

At Rapid Office, we don’t just take our products seriously. In fact, we have a number of services which are designed to ensure that your office has the best furniture. That’s why we have increased our already broad range of services to include a comprehensive and effective office furniture refurbishment service.

This forms part of our dedication to helping the environment by reducing waste and the carbon footprints of the clients and businesses that we regularly work with. We have the best office furniture Essex has to offer and our refurbishment service fits today’s marketplace, which often requires a money-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to buying new products. The best part is that we will never compromise the quality and standard of the products that we work with.

We understand what businesses need, and our professional and friendly team have worked with a wide range of businesses with different types and styles of furniture. Whether you need your breakout seating, built-in cupboards, call centre furniture or even ergonomic office chairs refurbished, we’ll be happy to meet with you and discuss what needs to be done.


We Re-Upholster, Polish and Repair

There’s no reason to throw out perfectly good furniture in your office if it is slightly worn. Furthermore, any dated furniture can always be improved if you have a team who know what they’re doing. Here at Rapid Office, we have an extensive team of experienced professionals who can re-upholster any furniture that’s looking dated or worn.

Before we begin the work, we will pay a visit to your offices and speak with you about what it is you’re looking for. We will examine the furniture you need refurbishing, and tell you precisely what we can do and how much it will cost. We can work on an individual basis, but we can also perform re-upholstering on all the furniture in your offices to ensure that they all conform. Another one of our popular services, however, is the French polishing service. Our team of professionals not only ensure that your wood remains protected and of high quality, but our polishing technique can ensure that your wood surfaces maintain a deep colour and perfect chatoyancy.

Assessment and Procedure

We will first apply coats of shellac that has been dissolved in alcohol, which will prepare the wood. We will then continue the polish using thin but absorbent cotton. This ensures that the wood isn’t damaged during the polish, and that any excess alcohol or polish is removed during the buffing procedure.

This polish is ideal in the refurbishment of furniture as it can be blended into any existing finishes that you might have. This means that any wooden surfaces, which have a damaged surface, can simply be fixed by implementing a seamless French polish on the affected area.

Before we begin any work on your furniture, we will perform a number of assessments to see what needs to be done. We will also be able to assess the quality of your furniture and decide whether it is worth being refurbished. If it is the case that the furniture is too damaged, we can offer you a range of services including our new recycling scheme. We can then perform ergonomic assessments of your office and advise you on future furniture and installation.

We are sure that in most cases your furniture will be suitable for being refurbished, and to ensure that we do the very best job, we will perform a number of office furniture refurbishment assessments and keep you up to date every step of the way.