Office Fit-Out

Rapid Office isn’t your regular office furniture Essex supplier. We are significantly more than that, and our office fit-out service is the perfect example of how we are adapting to new markets and needs. Not only are we a well-known and highly reliable supplier of office storage, office seating and office furniture, but we work with a number of partners across the country who are able to provide similarly high-quality services that expand further than our usual remit.

All offices require high quality furniture, office space planning and ergonomic seating solutions for workers. These features not only ensure that the workers have a comfortable setting to work in, but they also create the atmosphere of comfort, success and most importantly, professionalism.

In order for any company to succeed, clients and potential clients must be impressed not only by services, but by the office and its appearance. This starts right from the reception desk up to the efficiency of communication and security within the company and building.


Quality Partners and Services

Rapid Office has spent years perfecting the services that are now available to our customers. This time has also been spent sourcing and communicating with other companies that we deem to be as high quality and professional as us. We now have an extensive list of companies and partners that we regularly work with to ensure that our customers can get the very best services, and the very best working environment.

Our partners aid us with extending our remit, allowing us to offer you services that relate to signage, decorating, electrics, air conditioning, partitioning and floor covering.

Our team of staff can help you with your furniture, your office space planning and even innovative new storage wall systems, and we can now help you with everything from electrics to CCTV systems.

Our Partners

Our partners work closely with us and to the same high standard. When our team come to assess your building and speak to you about any preferences you have about new furniture or moving, we will bring along any relevant professionals from our partners who will be able to help you with other systems in the office.

Often when we are working to help clients move their furniture to new premises, our experts in CCTV, security and telephone systems will come along too, in order to ensure that your new working space is safe, secure and as efficient as possible.

We recognise that all businesses require an efficient communication system within their building, which is why we only work with the very best in the industry.

Not only can our team work to ensure that there is as little disruption to the daily working procedures as possible, but our experts in other fields can work to the same flexible hours.

So Much on Offer

Our office fit-out service gives you access to professionals who can introduce new air conditioning systems into your office, new CCTV systems and better telephone systems. You can also access fire risk assessments, facilities management and dilapidations.

Our other partners can give you access to new features in your office as well, including solid and glass partitioning in order to make use of the space you have available. We also work with a number of decorators, as well as flooring and carpet experts. Suspended ceilings are another great new service available, which complement our extensive range of modern office furniture and seating.

For quotes or assessments, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email and we will put the required procedures into place to ensure you get the best deal and best service possible.