Office Technology


Office technology has always played an important part in the workplace, to the extent you can’t imagine working without some form of office equipment. As a result, the office furniture  & equipment which you use not only needs to support but assist in integrating your office technology ideas.

Here at Rapid Office, we understand fully the importance of linking your office furniture & equipment to your office technology. With over 37 years of experience within furniture solutions, we have gained a huge amount of knowledge and reputation for high-quality solutions to help you get the best out of your office technology.


Office Technology Ideas for your Office

When it comes to providing top quality office equipment & the best office furniture London has to offer (which makes the most of the space whilst providing an essential tool for your business),  Rapid Office ensures only the best, high-quality options.

Office technology can take the form of small improvements up to much larger-scale options. One type of office furniture & equipment solution can be the use of fully adjustable monitor arms. Allowing for the full movement of your desktop screen or even tablet, these metal arms allow for the positioning of computer screens at a comfortable height and distance for your employees. Similarly, to adjustable computer screen arms, products such as the Boss Flamingo table is fully height adjustable to provide productivity from either a seated or standing work position.


Office Furniture & Equipment Solutions

Other types of office technology include fully movable, free-standing TV stands or portals. These products can incorporate plugs and wiring solutions to allow for the easy use of mobile screens for meetings etc. On the smaller end of the scale, we can even source other desk related office equipment such as individual desk lamps that utilise LED technology and incorporate a USB port to provide a comfortable and practical light source.

With so many different forms of office technology available, at Rapid Office, we can help fully fit-out your workspace with everything you’ll need to maximise your staff’s productivity. Office technology ideas that are worth considering involve the smart use of space and allow your employees to work with more freedom. From incorporated wireless charging for mobile devices to hidden cable management and mobile desking solutions, whatever your office technology needs, we can help source it.

If you would like Rapid Office to help you in finding the right office technology for your office needs and find out more about the available options and solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly on 01708 755666 or via email on


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