Gresham Office Furniture

Gresham Office Furniture

About Gresham Furniture

Gresham Furniture, established in 1976, is a prominent manufacturer and independent designer of workspace office furniture in the UK. Expanding beyond London office furniture, Gresham Furniture is headquartered in Bolton, Greater Manchester, and occupies a 10-acre site, encompassing 200,000 square feet of factory and office space.

The business is still owned and operated by members of the original family, and the 250-person team, including production, design, and operations, is dedicated to creating unique products. They handle 100% of the designing, constructing, and installation of all new Gresham office furniture for businesses.

As a “True UK Manufacturer,” Gresham Furniture takes great pride in producing high-quality British goods at competitive prices. Request your call back today to talk to our dedicated team about your Gresham office furniture needs.

gresham bespoke curved reception


In today’s business environment, privacy is a critical concern for many organizations, especially those that operate in open-plan workspaces. Gresham Furniture addresses this need with a comprehensive range of screening options that can be seamlessly integrated with and fitted onto various office furniture types.

Desktop screens are among the most flexible and adaptable types of screens offered by Gresham Furniture. Available in a wide range of colours, these screens can be easily installed onto different desks to provide employees with greater privacy while they work. Gresham office furniture screens not only offer an excellent level of privacy but also serve as soundproof barriers that can enhance concentration and productivity.

With Gresham Office Furniture’s screening solutions, businesses can create tailored workspaces that cater to their specific privacy requirements.

Office Desking

Office desks play a pivotal role in facilitating creativity and productivity in any workplace. Gresham Furniture, one of the leading office furniture manufacturers in London, offers the Script range, a modern and versatile range of office desks that can be adapted to suit different office spaces and requirements.

The Script range is designed to cater to a variety of needs, offering both single desks and bench systems, and utilising innovative storage solutions that help optimise space utilisation. The range also comes with a host of accessories that can be used to add a finishing touch to your office space.

Gresham Furniture also offers a wide range of tables and seating options that can be used for various situations, from team lunches to corporate meetings. The clean lines incorporated in the design of these tables, along with the uncluttered leg design, provide maximum comfort for users.

gresham santis squared task chair

Gresham Office Furniture – a Friendly Business

Gresham Furniture prides itself on providing exceptional customer service that sets them apart in the office furniture industry. From the moment a design is finalised, a dedicated sales assistant is available to address any queries and concerns. These sales assistants have received comprehensive training in both face-to-face and over-the-phone communication, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle any enquiry with professionalism and expertise.

Gresham Furniture is a family-owned business that values personalised service, and there are no call centres involved. Customers are guaranteed to speak with a real person who is passionate about delivering quality service and finding solutions to any problems.

Every project is unique, and Gresham Furniture’s pricing model reflects this. Prices are calculated based on the scale of the design, the materials involved, and the project’s specific requirements, offering competitive prices that cater to each customer’s budget.

Rapid Office has a strong partnership with Gresham Furniture, enabling us to provide our customers with the latest products and expert knowledge of the office furniture industry. Contact us today for professional service and access to high-quality office furniture.