Call Centre Furniture

A call centre environment is like many other office layouts; however, the main difference is employees may be sitting down for much longer periods. Due to this, it’s vitally important for your employee’s health and comfort that the environment is comfortable, and seating is as ergonomic as possible. Here at Rapid Office, we understand this and have worked with manufacturers that can offer exactly that – call centre furniture to inspire and maintain productivity.

Call centre furniture can take on many forms and, depending on the size of the floor space and number of employees can look very different with each company. We have plenty of different types of furniture that can complement the fast-paced environment of a call centre, with many different colours and designs to reflect your brand.  Our services ensure that you will receive the correct furniture products and support needed when looking to undertake an overhaul of this environment or create a new one.

Supervisor Stations

When it comes to grouping employees together, it can be a difficult task planning who sits where and what the priorities are. For example, you may have to group supervisors and managers differently to the rest of your employees. One solution would be to have stand-alone supervisor stations that will consist of separate desks that have the option of dividers in between for privacy to help with productivity. This can also be done at a standing height if necessary, depending on preferences, giving a flexible option as an alternative. There is also the option to incorporate other types of furniture like meeting pods and Storagewall if space allows.

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Agent Stations

This is an option for when you may need more spacing around the office plan, especially if your company is a larger operation and must accommodate many more employees. An agent station would consist of an office desk with an ergonomic office chair and accessories like privacy dividers, pedestals and monitor arms etc. We highly recommend having an ergonomic assessment to ensure that employees are as comfortable and healthy as possible.

The Benefits of Bespoke Call Centre furniture With Rapid Office

Due to our many years of experience working alongside clients, Rapid Office is in a great position to offer the best bespoke office furniture Essex has available. solutions and we enjoy working alongside companies to achieve their vision for an office layout. We can help every step of the way with our many services such as space planning and design, finance and even a complete office fit-out.

Our call centre furniture is sourced from some of the most renowned office furniture manufacturers available, whether you need desks, seating, tech accessories, call centre pods, storage and more you will find a solution through Rapid Office.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding our services, either by email or phone, and we will look to respond as soon as we can.

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