Furniture Recycling

Not only is Rapid Office one of the most recognised and trusted office furniture companies in the industry, but our services are expanding and evolving year on year. Now, one of our most important services is furniture recycling, which deals with office furniture recycling and re-using of office furniture Essex from our clients.

Understanding the impact that waste has on the environment resulted in Rapid Office setting up a new and exciting service that allows our customers to dispose of their old furniture in a way that has the least carbon impact and is the most sustainable.

At Rapid Office, we have put an effective system in place that allows us to remove the furniture that you currently have in your office, and dispose of it with our local office furniture recycling company partners in a way that best suits you and the environment at large. Our partners allow us to avoid the landfill sites that destroy the environment and emit dangerous gases from the earth, and instead work with us to find new uses for your furniture. Whether it’s finding alternative uses for the furniture or turning it into new products, our recycling service is the best way to remove office chairs, office desks and any boardroom furniture – office furniture altogether.


A Modern Way to Deal with Waste

Recycling is not only important on a moral level, but it’s also key to the success of any modern business. Showing your customers that you are dedicated to having as little impact as possible on the environment creates an air of trust and value to your organisation. By showing your customers and clients that you’re not just talk, but actually take action to reduce your carbon footprint, you will show them that you take corporate responsibility seriously.

There are lots of ways that you can do this, and as well as recycling your furniture, we can offer you advice on other ways to help the environment. Our friendly team members will be ready to talk to you over the phone, through email or in person as they visit and assess your office space and office furniture.

We invest in the creation of new woodlands in the UK through the Woodland Carbon Code which will provide significant environmental and social benefits.

These woodlands are certified to ISO standards under the UK government Woodland Carbon Code and meet international environmental and carbon project rules.


Why We’re Important

You could recycle your furniture yourself, but you would be faced with a number of problems. Here at Rapid Office, we are willing to remove and recycle any furniture that you no longer wish to have in your office. This reduces any costs associated with removal, and means that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Perhaps the most important thing however is that we can recycle and make use of pretty much any kind of furniture you own. If you were to take your furniture to your local recycling centre, you would be faced with problems associated with materials. For instance, if your local recycling centre only accepts wooden furniture. Any furniture that is made out of complex materials, or has leather surfaces will be rejected and you’ll be faced with the problem of getting rid of these items without simply taking them to the local landfill.

At Rapid Office, we endeavour to find a home or a use for a huge variety of furniture. Our local and national expertise means that we can recycle almost anything that you task us with taking.

As well as office furniture recycling, we have a range of products and services which ensure that the new office furniture you receive is also recyclable. Take a look at our office furniture recycling services and products, and you’ll be able to gain access to the most comprehensive and simple set of procedures in the industry.