Techo Office Furniture

Techo Office Furniture

About Techo

Techo UK was originally founded in 1998 through a company partnership with the Czech parent company called Techo. Over the past 15 years, Techo office furniture has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers by constantly delivering top quality products. As well as being a leading developer in the areas of workmanship, design quality and product engineering, Techo pride themselves on their professional attitude towards all areas of their services, from the initial designs to final installations.

Techo UK also has an impressive presence across the globe, with offices in over 11 different countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia. They love taking on projects, no matter how big or how small they are and are honoured to have formed excellent relationships with well-known companies. Creating strong and trusting relationships with designers and architects is a true passion of Techo, as they believe that this can only lead to new more exciting and innovative office furniture products. Due to their dream of creating new sensational products for the office environment, Techo office furniture was awarded the incredible Red Dot award for WOT, their universal desking system.

arkus a frame straight


If you’ve been looking for a collection of office desks, then you should look no further than the Arkus range of Techo office furniture. Its adaptability and variability allow this range to be changed and tweaked to suit any use. Products in this collection are ideally used for office desks, meeting room furniture and even as executive office furniture, as Techo use only the best quality materials they can find. The heights of these desks are also completely adjustable.


If you’re looking for something that is uncluttered and minimalist, the ICE collection is perfect for you. This Techo office furniture range is characterised by its elegant and simple lines, which can provide a classy finishing touch to any type of office. Depending on the style and design of the room, these work surfaces can be finished in white, beech, grey or maple.

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mesh black task chair


Office employees spend the majority of their working hours sitting in a chair at a desk, which is why only the best ergonomic office chairs are constructed by Techo to ensure maximum comfort and reduce any risk of injury. One of Techo office furniture’s best-selling chairs is the Sidiz, which provides continuously high levels of comfort, no matter what the height and weight of the user. Enhanced support is provided by the mesh back, which also provides elasticity. Office seating and a variety of others such as visitor chairs are included in the Sidiz range.


Techo office furniture also offers some innovative solutions to common storage problems in the office. Storage cabinets of all shapes and sizes can be constructed out of MFC or steel. Internal fittings can be adjusted and altered to suit new office furniture or desks that are already fitted. Each type of storage can be customised to suit the individual needs of the client.

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Customer Relations

Located on Farringdon Road, Techo has garnered a reputation as being one of the best London office furniture manufacturers. This UK-based company loves to work closely with each of its clients and provide them with the very best customer experience possible to build trusting and strong relationships which encourages them to keep coming back for more products. In a world where companies are always looking to save money, Techo office furniture leads the way in providing competitive prices to all their customers to suit any budget.

Here at Rapid Office, we have an excellent relationship with Techo. Contact us now for expert knowledge of the office furniture industry, high-quality office furniture in Essex, and the latest products from this manufacturer.


Why is it important to choose the right furniture for the office?

Choosing the right furniture for the office is so important. Not only is it crucial to employee productivity and comfort, but the right furniture layout can enhance efficiency and collaboration throughout the office, making the best use of the available space. Your choice of Techo office furniture will also help to set the scene, which can lead to positive interactions between visitors and possible business partners.

How can I make my office furniture look good?

To make your office furniture look good, it’s important to invest in high-quality pieces that complement your existing office design and furniture. Doing so will help to align the style of your office space, with Techo office furniture providing plenty of stylish options. Not only will this make your office appear visually appealing but provide balance to enhance the overall look and feel of the space. Selecting office furniture that provides further functional uses such as storage can also help to keep the space clutter-free.

What is modern office furniture?

Modern office furniture combines comfort and functionality, often providing a two-in-one solution to a problem you are facing. It’s also likely to be versatile and can be adapted to suit different work environments, enhancing your employee focus and productivity during the workday. Some modern office furniture also includes ergonomic features including adjustable desks that can be raised and lowered to improve muscle activity and comfort.