Herman Miller Furniture

Herman Miller Furniture

About Herman Miller

Formed in 1923, Herman Miller’s passion for excellence and detail has earned them a worldwide reputation. In the 1950s, the company moved outside of North America to become bigger than ever with both manufacturing and distributing facilities located throughout UK, China and Italy. They also have a number of huge commercial zones throughout Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Their presence around the world ensures excellent customer service, no matter where you are.

The intelligence, curiosity and determination to produce the best office furniture London and that the world has ever seen, led them to manufacture incredible products and award-winning services and bring in over $1.6 billion in revenue in the year 2011.

Herman Miller is well known across the world for its iconic Aeron chair and their ability to form strong relationships with its customers, as well as its innovative practices and commitment to excellence, and these have been recognised with numerous international awards. These include being recognised for product design with the Red Dot Award and the incredibly prestigious Award for Enterprise in International Trade.

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Filing and Storage

The very best offices are often those that are tidy and professional-looking, and the best way to achieve this look is through a unique and stylish storage system from Herman Miller. Versatility is a key feature of Herman Miller’s storage range as they have numerous designs available to suit your office space.

If you’re a little short on space, opt for the tower design to fit in as much as possible. The tower storage system combines a striking and unique look without taking up too much room. Cost and workstation size can be minimised as much as possible because towers come in a variety of sizes. You can even add unique features such as drawers and bookcases.

An easy to access space where you can store all your important files and folders is essential to the functioning of any office environment. Herman Miller offer a Global Storage System, which being a family of products, brings together style with practicality. The shelves and drawers can be designed to cater exactly to your needs, no matter whether it’s archival or active storage.

Systems Furniture

Herman Miller prides itself on being able to solve even the most difficult problems of the workplace, particularly those involving office seating and desking. One of their most innovative designs is Resolve. People need to feel comfortable working in their office space and interacting with one another. Resolve reduces the work space making it very space efficient and inviting.

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Customer Relations

At the heart of any good company is the ability to work well with its customers, and Herman Miller pride themselves on being able to do this. They have customer relations departments on all 7 continents and in over 100 countries ready to answer any questions from clients.

A sales representative from Rapid Office works with the client every step of the way from the moment a call is made and measurements are taken to the moment the designs are finalised and your furniture is fitted. But that’s not the end; Herman Miller have an amazing aftercare service and are ready to deal with any query, from a design problem to major alterations. Our excellent business relationship with this manufacturer ensures that you get nothing but the best service and the latest products.