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Office Seating

No matter what line of work you are in, it’s important that your employees are as comfortable as possible when they are working. Otherwise how else are they going to work at their best? Your employees could be sat in their office seating for up to eight hours a day, which is why it is becoming increasingly more important to invest in ergonomic office furniture.

But just because you’re going for comfort doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or aesthetics. No matter what kind of office seating you’re looking to buy from us here at Rapid Office, remember they come in all manner of shapes, sizes, colours and styles. So you can pick the right kind to match your workspace.

  • Trial Chairs

    Why not try before you buy with our trial chairs.

  • Up To 10 Yr Warranty

    All of our chairs have extended warranties, some even up to 10 years.

  • Chair Refurbishment

    If you love your existing chair we can offer a superb refurbishment service.

  • Fira Certification

    We supply FIRA certificated office seating.

Office Seating and task chairs by Rapid Office Meeting room chairs Calder by Orangebox Boardroom seating by Rapid Office

Task Chairs

Just like the name suggests, this office seating is designed to maximise the performance of your employees when doing a variety of different tasks. Task chairs have been designed with humans in mind, allowing the chair to adapt to different positions instantly and giving maximum comfort.

Unlike most office furniture task chairs feature a mesh screen that, whilst incredibly supportive, also allows the user to move into different positions when undergoing different tasks. If you work in an environment that is fast paced and requires constant movement, consider investing in a good task chair for your employees. The most ergonomic office chairs were even found to increase productivity of workers by 17.8%.

Office Seating from Rapid Office Office Seating from Rapid Office Office Seating from Rapid Office

Meeting Room Chairs

Depending on your line of business, meetings can last anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours. Good Office Seating could mean the difference between a happy client and a disgruntled and uncomfortable one. Meeting room chairs are available in a wide variety of style, from the classic wooden chair that allows them to be stacked neatly on top of one another when not being used, to leather faced chairs with high backed support.

Before making an investment in office chairs, there are numerous things you should consider. For example, who will be using the room most often? Do you need to make a good and lasting impression on clients? If you are short on space, then consider ng several stackable chairs that can be stored neatly out of the way when you’re not using them. By considering all of these factors before you you can find the best style of office chair for you on any budget.

Office Seating from Rapid Office Office Seating from Rapid Office Office Seating from Rapid Office

Boardroom Chairs

Boardrooms are where all the important decisions regarding a business are made, so make sure you spend some time and money researching and investing in top quality boardroom furniture. Unless you are sure about a particular colour, always try and invest in black for boardroom chairs. Stylish and simple black, perhaps with chrome, gives off a very professional image, and lets your clients know you are serious about what you do. However don’t be afraid to step outside the “norms” of executive office furniture. You can’t go wrong with high backed chairs with strong supportive arms that look comfortable and inviting.

Office Seating from Rapid Office Office Seating from Rapid Office Office Seating from Rapid Office

Why go ergonomic?

Ergonomic furniture is becoming more and more popular, but why should you jump on the bandwagon? While it’s true that ergonomic chairs cost a little more than regular chairs, the benefits of them are astounding. Because they have been designed with the human body in mind, they are able to support each part the body as fully as possible. For someone who is sitting down all day, ergonomic chairs have been proven to reduce the risk of injury and pain in the back, neck and shoulders. And if your employees are comfortable, they will be happy and therefore more productive.

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