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Furniture Procurement - Citus

When it comes to furnishing your office, Rapid Office has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that the furniture you receive is suited perfectly for your requirement, your office space and your style of business. Whether it’s for personal offices or meeting spaces for clients, it’s important that your furniture reflects what you’re about, and provides an air of professionalism and success for your clients to enjoy.

This is why we believe our new office furniture procurement service ‘Citus’ is the best way to go about obtaining your office furniture. We buy for you, not sell to you. Our trained and professional team members will take the time to ensure that all of your needs and preferences are taken into account so that your office reflects your goals, your area of profession and the style that you prefer.

Furniture Procurement

Citus Works for Any Business

The great thing about Citus is that is works for any office space. You will not be confined solely to pre-manufactured products which are available on the market. We can work hard to ensure that you are given the best ranges of to choose from, and that products can even be manufactured specifically to meet your needs when it comes to our office furniture procurement service.

Our bespoke service is the best way to make use of your office, to provide the best working atmosphere and to ensure maximum productivity and creativity in your workspace.

How Citus Came to Be

We formed our office furniture procurement services; Citus when we noticed that there was a change in the market. We decided that instead of trying to sell any product to any company, we should instead be working to ensure that customers only get the very best. This is why we acknowledged the shift in the market and decided that a procurement service would be one that benefits our customers the most.

We started thinking differently about how we approach clients. Citus was created to be a transparent and fee-based consultancy division within Rapid Office. It was formed in 2011, and has become an integral part of the company. As well as providing high quality products to many customers, we also now allow clients to access the expertise of our team members directly. They can now rest assured that they are not only getting high quality products, but are also being cared for by one of the best-known and well established furniture suppliers in the country.

How It Works

There are lots of elements to our office furniture procurement Citus service. Firstly, we will have an initial meeting with our client to find out what kind of office fit out they’re looking for. We’ll discuss office computer desks and general office furniture and see what options would make best use of their space.

We will also be able to answer questions about suppliers, and evaluate sample products that are provided to use to ensure that it meets your specification precisely. We will write specifications for the fitting of loose and fixed furniture in your office, and prepare the presentations of furniture for assessment by the client.

Of course, we will also compile the tender returns for you to select and analyse, and arrange the deliveries and installation of the end products to your site.

Think of us as the wedding planner for the union of your office and your new furniture. We will be there every step of the way, not only to ensure that the furniture is right, but that it fits in the office, it makes use of space and that the suppliers give you the very best deal.

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