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Rapid Office offer different price ranges, options and payment packages for all of our services. Whatever the size of your company, you don't want to use your entire budget on new office designs and furniture. We encourage paying with lease payments in manageable, regular intervals. This method of office furniture finance payment is completely tax allowable and is typically the preferred method for our customers. It isn't enforced, however. If you'd prefer as a company to pay all in one lump sum, that too is allowed. Whatever method of payment suits your business most, Rapid Office insist on providing the best possible service to our customers, and our flexible office furniture finance payment options are part of that excellent customer service. We put as little pressure as possible into the payment side of our business and respect every customer is different, and work towards a no pressure, individual solution for every client. Leasing allows regular payments to be made for services, without taxes and fees being applicable. The payment size and interval would be of a set amount decided by you and Rapid Office.

Finance at Rapid Office

Our costs relating to your office furniture finance they are also tailored to your business. During the planning and design meetings, your budget is discussed and more often than not, we achieve the expected results, or a higher standard, under budget. Many past clients have praised our cost cutting ability, they are always surprised when they get their final bill that it is cheaper than their lowest budget expectation. Going over budget is every business's nightmare, everything has a spending limit, so it's great to know that you'll be saving cash on your redesign that can be put towards other expenditure.

Even the biggest companies have a limit to their spending, especially when revamping, refurbishing or redesigning the entire office building. The Rapid Office team will spend as long as needed discussing what you desire and the possible prices, gradually cutting costs down further and further until they're as low as they possibly can be. We work together with manufacturers to get the highest quality products and materials for your price range. Since we aren't limited by a simple catalogue of products, there is no limit to what can be created. Whether it's a classy, chic office look you want for your business, or a really futuristic design, we'll make your dream a reality while keeping costs low.

Working with Rapid Office doesn't require an immense amount of forethought and stressful planning. Just a rough idea of what you're looking for, and that your budget is enough. There's no need to panic and plan a design based around what you think you can afford for your office on your tight budget. That's what we'll help you do throughout our time with you. Think of your ideal design, know your budget, and Rapid Office will help make your dream an affordable reality. You may not specifically get everything down to the letter, but whatever's possible in your budget will be achieved. Financially, we are very flexible and client centred, so your needs are always at the forefront of our consideration and we'll never pressure or overcharge you. We'll also not charge any extra fees if you decide to use office furniture finance leasing payments instead of a lump sum payment. Whatever you can manage at a time on your budget, which is discussed initially in the whole process of working with Rapid Office, is perfectly fine. We're a company all about making the entire experience centred around you.

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We contracted Rapid Office to design/supply and install our new reception area, boardroom and meeting room at our London Headquarters. Rapid Office were easy to deal with, they delivered under budget and on time. We would recommend them.

Paddy Power
4 out of 5

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